Tirumari has been performing comedy for several years, with stand-up as his first love, but he also loves improv and sketch acting so please don't ask him to choose. You can find him either performing with the geeky comedy group he co-founded, Komedio Comedy; hosting videogame drinking tournaments/shows with the Super Trashed Bros at the Brewcade, PianoFight Theater, or Beer Nerds; doing sketch comedy with Killing My Lobster; or online in a variety of random commercials, if you're specifically into watching commercials for some reason. If you want to hear his voice without any of the accompanying visual aspects, you can catch him regularly on Komedio's hit podcast; Nerd Rage: The Great Debates! If you can't find him doing any of that, then he's home playing videogames or watching cartoons but thinking about them academically so as to justify the habit.

Tirumari Jothi has hosted four Episodes.