Patrick S. Tomlinson is the offspring of an ex-hippie psychologist and an ex-cowboy electrician. A lifelong sci-fi fan, he discovered quite by accident that the best stories were not to be found on the silver screen, but on the gleaming white pages of books. An eclectic group of bards from Herbert to Prachett propelled him into dozens of new worlds during his formative years when he was especially vulnerable to such dubious influences.
Patrick lives in Milwaukee among a bevy of house plants in varying stages of health, where the winters offer a wonderful opportunity to disappear into his writing cave for five months at a stretch, emerging only briefly each week to watch the Packer game. Time not spent writing is split between practicing stand-up comedy around town, training for half-marathons, undoing all the training on brewery tours, and coddling his Ford Mustang and Triumph motorcycle.
His work has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, The Crimson Pact Anthology series, The SFWA Bulletin, and the BattleCorps website.

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