Kaeli Quick is a San Francisco comedian, writer, and shameless idiot.

You may have recently seen Kaeli singing about reproductive rights in an AJ+ video, singing about SF rent prices in "KML: The Musical," or singing about how great singing is in Chardonnay Comedy's first full-length play, "The Revolution Will Not Be Harmonized." Wow, yeah. This bitch loves to sing.

Kaeli improvises in two weekly shows, #ThrowbackThursday and Your Fucked Up Relationship, at Endgames Improv. You can also check her out in Killing My Lobster's next show, "1997," going up at Pianofight in late May.

Kaeli, who has been called "The Christina Hendricks of SF Comedy, if Christina Hendricks were actually really weird instead of sexy," is always down to clown. Hit her up for sweet collabs and giggly gigs.

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